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James Stuart
2/25/2011 17:22:22

What a monument of information! This is a tremendous gift to the community. Thank you.

Jeff Wacha
6/6/2011 21:45:13

There are a few errors in the history listings. Would you like some suggestions for corrections?

6/17/2011 16:40:53

Craig Haggett was Mr. LA Leather Cub 2002. I know because his title vest is in my closet. He competed with Joe who won that yr. you might want to add him to the history list

Daniel Kennedy
12/27/2013 10:41:18

I used to love going to Larry leather bar on melrose in the early 70's , when I just turned 21. I know they have a bar logo. I wish you could write something more bout larry and his iconic bar and show his logo for bar not here anymore. I know he closed the bar because of police harrassment, a little history on that in the timeline would be great for those who have so many fond memories fo that place. Thanks

William Schindler
3/30/2014 12:37:27

Your history of Mr. L.A. Leather has a couple of errors. I am shown has holding two titles, Mr. L.A. Leather 1999 (correct) and Faultline Mr. Leather 1999 (incorrect). In fact there was no Faultline Mr. Leather before 2000, and Doug Bedard was the first to hold that title.

Furthermore, I co-founded LALC in 1999 during my title year, and so the Mr. L.A. Leather contest in 1999 could not have been produced by LALC. The Faultline produced the contest from 1997-1999. My partner, Brent Sweer, and I took the contest out of the bar and set up the feeder contest system that exists today.

7/25/2015 22:57:27

Any reason why Mr. Long Beach Leather Title Holders are not listed? Title holders from 1980 to 2013 shown here


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